Vodi group is a consortium with the goal of meeting human needs in every sphere of life. In order to generate more market shares and meet other related needs of the good people of Nigeria, VODI decided to branch into other businesses which are dry cleaning (VODI KLEEN), textiles sales( VODI TEXTILES), women tailoring(VODI DEBBO), and fashion training school.

These businesses are all housed by vodi edifice called THE GREEN HOUSE which is located in the heart of Abuja on no 3 Kampala Street off ademola adetokunbo wuse 2 Abuja. This edifice was opened in June 2015.


  • To increase profitability
  • To increase Market Share
  • To expand Current Product Lines
  • To Improve Employee Retention Rate
  • To assess the current business process for possible streamlining and increased use of technology.


VODI Tailors is one of Africa’s leading and upwardly mobile fashion houses based in Nigeria. Our success is driven by the people and their commitment to get results in the right way – by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth.

Vodi Tailors was incorporated with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in November 2002 and empowered by a focus driven entrepreneur in person of Mr. Oluwaseyi Adekunle. Recognizing the fact that Africa, in her developing state, is multi-cultural and fashion oriented, VODI Tailors works daily to discover and harness new and unique ways to beautify Africans and quench the thirst for elegance.



Equipped with world class modern machines, VODI KLEEN is to provide first class quality laundry and dry cleaning service in Nigeria and delivering within 24hrs. Some years back our management did a research on dry-cleaning and laundry service in Nigeria and one of the discoveries shows that over 80% of Nigerians do not get quality laundry service in Nigeria. Some are even willing to go as far as taking their very expensive clothes abroad for laundry. Some of our clients in vodi tailors are skeptical sometimes about buying white fabrics out of fear of poor laundry service around. This need birthed our dry cleaning company called VODI KLEEN. With our world-class gadgets and highly experienced staff (most of which were trained abroad) we have been rendering highly quality services to our customers. Our services include; laundry of shirts, trousers, suits, ties, natives, wedding gowns, out-door cleaning services etc. our motto: we love the job you hate.


At the inception of VODI TAILORS in 2001, vodi was servicing both man and women, but along the line the female line was suspended for more concentration on the male line due to increasing demand for the men’s clothing since that’s where her strength lies. Over the years, our clients’ wives, sisters and other female counterparts have demanded that vodi revives her female line again given the quality of job and service we render hence vodi debbo was established in 2015.

Debbo is a Fulani word for woman and vodi means beauty. Vodi debbo’s mission is to make our women more beautiful and gorgeous by giving them top notch designs and stitches at a very affordable rate with prompt delivery.

Our products: native wears, English or corporate wears, wedding gowns, bridal train dresses etc.


Vodi Textiles is a subsidiary of VODI GROUP LTD located on 3 Kampala Street off Ademola Adetokubo, Wuse 2, and Abuja, Nigeria. Vodi Textiles was established in 2015 after fifteen (15) Years of successful experience in the tailoring world by the mother company, VODI TAILORS

Vodi textiles is one of the biggest fabrics stores in Abuja with its product ranging from men’s and women’s laces, voile, brocade, suit material , Atiku, African prints, aso oke ,gele,organza,etc.



Also established in 2015, vodi training school was created to alleviate poverty and reduce unemployment among our youths by making them self-dependence and giving them hand work. We train individuals in the profession and also help government to train people.