In the near future, our production base will shift to Abuja, Nigeria
November 8, 2019

Patience, Discipline and Hard Work

2001 to 2002, ‘Ghana must go’ bag and NYSC year. Our tailors were in Aba.

2002 to 2003, we had three members of staff: My kid brother, Yinka and two tailors (David and Johnson) who were brought from Aba to Abuja). I rented a N30,000 shop in Gwagwalada, opposite Specialists Hospital.

2003 to 2005, Paso road Gwagwalada, ‘Ghana must go’ bag again. Rent was N110,000 per annum.

September 2004 to 2009, Koro Plaza (wine shop). The rent was N270,000.

2009 to 2017 Israel Plaza Wuse 2, Rent now running into millions.

July 2011 till date, Madeira street, Maitama. The Niger Delta Amnesty Programme was launched in 2009 but by 2011 when we keyed in, it was a case of preparation meeting opportunity. From that period, we have kept expanding our businesses.

July 19th 2015 till date, Green House. But that has also come with envy and malice by those who were not there with us in the Days of Small Beginning.

Our growth has been organic. We play fair. We play by the rules. But we also compete aggressively.

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